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With the introduction of a Sports Therapy Degree in Hong Kong in 2012 and graduates beginning to practice in 2016, the development of the sports therapy profession is being recognized more widely by various sports sectors as well as the community sector.

Currently, all sports therapists who graduated in Hong Kong are accredited by the Society of Sports Therapists (SST) in the United Kingdom, and overseas graduates who are also accredited by SST or by other sports therapy professional bodies in the United Kingdom also practice in Hong Kong. However, in the long run, Hong Kong should have a local professional body that represents all practicing sports therapists (including overseas graduates) and works to promote, improve, and protect the title of sports therapist so that it is not misused by non-relevant professionals. Finally, we hope to subject sports therapists to the same statutory regulation as allied health professionals in Hong Kong.

Purposes of STAoHK

  1. Act as a regulatory and professional body for sports therapists;

  2. Promote the sports therapy profession to the general public;

  3. Set the standards of sports therapists in a various way; 

  4. Prevent others from abusing the title of sports therapist; 

  5. Aimed to promote sports therapy professionals to the statutory regulator in the long run. 


Functions of STAoHK


  1. Establish and maintain the register of sports therapists;

  2. Set and review the qualification standards for registration as a sports therapist in Hong Kong;

  3. Deal with disciplinary offense;

  4. Keep proper records of its proceedings; 


  1. Provide continuing education program that are relevant to sports therapy professionals;

  2. Establish an editorial platform(in different means) on research journal;  

  3. Collaborate with local and international organizations/college/universities etc. that aimed to raising the standard of the sports therapy professionals;

  4. Speak up for the benefits of sports therapy professionals.

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