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Kinetic Control Modular Courses
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STAoHK X RMAC Pop-up Assessment Project: 
Purposes of the Project
✅Promoting the concept of sports therapy to runners;
✅Create an opportunity of new caseload to registered sports therapists of the STAoHK.

🟡Applicants MUST be a Registered Sports Therapist of the STAoHK.
🟡Sports therapists who are not registered yet can enroll as a Category A Membership - Registered Member before this project.

How the Project Works
1️⃣Registered STs please fill out the online form first;
2️⃣STAoHK will contact the applicant according to the information given;
3️⃣An agreement and declaration must be signed before accepting offer;
4️⃣Registered STs can perform assessment on-site for the runners after the approval of duty. STs can arrange a follow-up clinic with them as needed.

Enrollment please click here.

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